Project and Storytelling options

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It turns out I have a number of options for projects to base a potential digital story on.

Past project:
The safest option.  A project so far in the past that no one cares about the politics any more.  For safety can also select a project which was as much APS as possible to try and limit the potential for insulting anyone.

University of Bradford Course Data Project:
We currently working with University of Bradford on their Course Data Project, working with them to develop their XCRI-CAP feed, but also to develop a statement of requirements for a potential system and related processes for curriculum management.  As this is a current project it is somewhat sensitive, but there are aspects that would lend themselves extremely well to some types of digital storytelling, particularly for a set of scenarios we are writing to illustrate how the new processes and system will work from individuals’ viewpoints for a particular case.

Nominet tenders:
We have been fortunate enough to be invited to the second stage of tendering for the Nominet Digital Edge fund.  A part of this tendering process is to provide a short video pitch.  Obviously I wouldn’t be able to blog about this option much, but I will be looking into it.

That’s the project options, now for the storytelling options.

Dull, boring, and pretty normal these days as projects are often required to blog regularly.

Also becoming more popular and necessary for the Nominet tender.  Issues around having people who can act, willing to talk to camera and having some decent production values.

Quicker, easier, cheaper and less embarrassing than video for those people who don’t like to act, though often still needs a voice over.  Also has the issue of finding suitable still images that accurately express what you’re trying to say.

Pictures, dialogue and descriptions in panels like a comic book.  Still needs images, but mostly just looks cheesy.

Interactive stories
This is the option that seems most exciting.  Suggested by Wikivic on my previous post there’s a number of options including a “choose your own adventure style”, text-based adventure game and a simpler style “gamebook” which somewhat combines the two.  These are primarily prose so have the potential to get a bit dry, but the interactive nature should keep them interesting and engaging.

So the ones I have picked to work on are:

  • Video for the Nominet tender
  • Slideshow final report for Bradford CDP
  • Gamebook for Bradford curriculum management scenarios
  • And if I manage to get anywhere with those then something risque for a past project.

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